Kudos from Customers

No, no.   Not Cujo.  Kudos!

I so much appreciate my customers taking the time to write, that I seriously considered calling this page Warm Fuzzie.  I love reading these fabulous comments and seeing your dogs!
I'm proud to share my customer reviews!



It has been heartbreaking losing our Annie.

She was one of a kind and just happened to be an Angel on Earth that had four legs and a tail.

Thank you for taking the time to personalize this Rainbow Bridge bracelet for me.



LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the bracelets!!! They are gorgeous!  Very happy with them.  Can't wait to give the other one as a gift.  Enjoy doing business with you. Hope to buy more things soon.    Denise

  Kudos from Caren

Reid Kudos


Sue, Thanks so much for the great service!

Here is a photo of our pack.  The black lab is Cuda and is the one we just lost.

Thanks again,  Reid



  Hi Sue, The bracelet arrived today and I just love it! Thanks for getting that in the mail so fast.  I will recommend your jewelry to my friends!  Lisa



I had a great experience with For Love of a Dog.

The shipping was so fast!  The package was beautifully wrapped with care and ribbon as if it were a gift and I love my necklace.

I will definitely purchase more from you in the future.


Lovely design, quality materials & workmanship. Beautiful & correct Borzoi head! Excellent!     Julie   Kudos2



The doxie bracelet is a gift for a dear friend and the black and white cocker spaniel bracelet is for me.

Couldn't resist --- too cute!

This is my rescue boy, Dunkin.



I ordered the Bernese Mountain Dog earrings about one week ago and received them today!  I live in France.  I expected to get the earrings 6 weeks after purchase, so it's a good surprise to me.  The earrings are really beautiful!  Hope my girlfriend will love them.  Thank you for the fast shipping.  Keep up the good work! Droug

  Kudos from Lesley

Gypsy and Trixy


Thanks so much, Sue, for the fast service and all your WONDERFUL JEWELRY!!!!  I think you will be hearing a lot more from me.

Greetings from my doggies Gypsy and Trixy!

Thanks, SD

Sue, I received the White German Shepherd Ornament in the mail the other day, and it was better than I had hoped.  First, the ornament looked as wonderful in reality as it did online.  Too often, good photography conceals the cheesiness or poor craftsmanship of items viewed online.  But in this case, the item looked lovely online and off.  Second, the thoughtful packaging was a pleasant surprise.  It was functional (in that the gift was protected well) and pleasing to the eye (color-coordinated with a sweet ribbon and a sticker imprinted with a dog quote.)  This has ended my first experience with For Love of a Dog on a very high note.  Thank you, C. J. Jackson

  Kudos from Jeff



Hi Sue,Received my black Lab earrings and love them.  Was going to order more but see your are all out. 

Going to Eukanuba to watch my Lab with three friends and would like to buy earrings for them.  Evenif you could make one pair I would be happy. 

Thanks, Pat Kroll of Honorbright Labradors

To the left is Pat's boy Calypso at Westminster.

[We were happy to send Pat black lab earrings for her friends to wear at Eukanuba!]



I received the necklace yesterday and it more beautiful than in the photo on the web site. 

I am not a big person and the beads are so delicate that I will not be overwhelmed by it when I wear it. Many thanks for creating it and I know that I will enjoy ever moment that I wear it!     Cindy

Sue:   Recieved the necklace.  It is beautiful.  My sister had to put her minpin down last week after 14 years.  Taz was her 3rd minpin since 1966, and I know she will love this necklace.  Great job.   Louise   Kudos from EB



I received my order yesterday.  It is so nice, she is going to love.  Nice workmanship.

It matches her dog Cruiser to a tee.

Thanks, Vern


Thank you. I appreciate your patience, and that you expedited the shipment. We rescued an adult Golden Retriever (age 6) about seven months ago (he is our eighth GR). The pin is a dead ringer for him. He has all but replaced me as the love of my wife's life, and I sort of think he should be the one buying the gift, but I do what I do. Thank you again.  I will be back another time.  Regards,  Bill

  Kudos from Lisa



I adore this necklace.  It looks just like my boy, Finnegan's Flash!

Thanks, Lorraine

 I just wanted to let you know how much I love this store! Being a dog lover with both a black and yellow labrador, this store is a dream-come-true! I will be telling my friends about it! Your hand-crafted jewelry is so unique and exquisite --- and wonderful! BSC    Kudos from DF

Rocky and Tira




Here are my Berners Rocky and Tira.

Thanks, Mike


Hi Sue,  I received  my order on Saturday. I absolutely LOVE all my purchases.  The Keeshond Bracelet is gorgeous and the earrings are fabulous.  I'm just thrilled with everything. I'm looking to buy more things......I'll be checking your site everyday.  I think a keeshond necklace would be nice too!!  You were also a pleasure to work with.  I will pass your site on to my friends. I just wanted to thank you again for making such beautiful items for us "dog" people. Best regards, Denise A


Hello Sue,  I received the Nova Scotia Duck Toller Christmas ornament that I ordered;  it is  so lovely! Thank you! My daughter will love it (it is their first Christmas with their dog). Mitz

Diva Phyllis


Love your jewelry!  Please let me know whenever you have new Newfoundland items.

Thanks, Phillis & Diva


Thank you very much...arrived today...very nice...thank you for your prompt service & quality product...it is a gift & I am sure my friend will love it!   Linda



I just wanted to tell you how very happy I am with the Keeshond Picasso Jasper necklace I recently purchased. It was beautiful on your web site and even more darling in person. Since the Keeshond is not one of the most popular breeds, it's rare for us Keeshond fanciers to find something so special in "our" breed. Thank you!! Mary & Gabrielle, my 6-year-old Keeshond

Piper Pam


Pam wrote to say she loved her personalized charm bracelet that her husband purchased for her as a gift.

She needed to add a new charm for her new rescue dog, Piper who is often found asleep like this!




Thank you very much for sending the Maltese tree ornament.  It is as lovely as I thought it would be.

And because it arrived a few days ago I have been able to hang it into this years tree.

Very quickly dispatched and beautifully wrapped. I will enjoy seeing it every year.  It is gorgeous.

Here are my Griffon Bruxellois and two Maltese.  Thank you, Poppy


Sam Hollyfield


The beautiful Rainbow Bridge necklace is for my once-in-a-lifetime dog, Sam. 

Sam was the bright spot in my day.  This wonderful boy was loved by all.

Thank you,  Carole

FABULOUS! I definitely made the right choice when I settled on your website!!  Looking forward to wearing my special bracelet.  In memory of four fantastic Boxers and the new boy on the block, COSMO.  Thank you so much for making my day more special! 
Love, Lesley and Cosmo xxx

  Kudos from Tom



The bracelet is beautiful!

That bracelet is to remind me of my parti cocker spaniel, Stuart.

$30 at the dog pound and the BEST DOG EVER!

Thanks, Angela


Hey, Sue.  I got the pin today and it's just beautiful.  I know that Andrea will love it and it will make me happy to give her a gift that I know she'll really enjoy.  Thank you again.  Your wrapping is also very nice.  I opened everything carefully so I could see the pin and then I put it all back the way it was because it's such a nice presentation.  Nancy

  Sue- I absolutely love it!  Thanks again for making this necklace.  Nicole



Love it!  Zurich will be so excited to have his own ornament from now on.

Here's my dog, Zurich!

Thanks, Anne



Hey Sue! The necklace is gorgeous! I love it and it is just perfect! Thank you so very much for all the wonderful pieces of jewelry you have made for me... I will certainly enjoy them for years to come. It's been a pleasure doing business with you and I will certainly buy other items from you in the future... Thanks again and have a Great Day!!!! Hugs, Rhonda P.S. Now all I need is the earrings to go with it... If you have some made, just add them to the invoice for the necklace and I'll get them too... (Don't worry about sending me a picture of them... If you made them then I know I'll love them... :-)

  Dear Sue,  Just a quick note to tell you that the dog ornaments have arrived safely in Winnipeg.  They are all lovely!  The border collie is my husband's favourite breed (we have had one for a long time) and he was truly pleased with his ornament.  The other two are awaiting their new "homes."  Best wishes, Jean

kristi A


I LOVE THE BRACELET! I love how the lettering is in purple, too, and the lampwork beads!  Gorgeous.  Thank you so much for doing this. I also like how you put Bran and Max together. Kinda like she passed on the bone to my new heart dog. Oky, yes, I cried when I saw it.

Here are some of our dogs watching their daddy clear snow.

Thank you again so much!  Kristi


Kudos Foxy


My Rainbow Bridge earrings arrived and are perfect!

Even Foxy agrees!  LOL

Thanks, CH


Hello, I just purchased your NS Duck Toller ornament and the red Chow.  I also purchased a Toller necklace earlier.  I just love the necklace and get many compliments on it.  If you make another Toller ornament I would purchase it.  My sister just adopted a rescue Toller and I would like to have one and give her one too.  You really captured their head and tailset and the dogs are marked just perfectly.  Thanks so much, Cynthia P

  Kudos from Patty

Freida and Ella

  Here are my girls, Frieda and Ella. Thank you, Dianne

Autumn moving



Hi Sue:  The English Setter Christmas Ornament arrived today.  It exceeds all expectations.  Kathy will give it to her friend, but says that she will cry when she does so. 

The rendition of both proper structure and movement is excellent.  Your model was very good, and not something that we often see in the show ring today. 

I have attached a picture of a young bitch of ours, Autumn, at a show last year.  You can see the similarities. 

Best regards, Steve Osterling of Seafield English Setters


Hi Sue, My bracelet arrived Friday and I am delighted!  The bracelet is beautiful, the packaging lovely, and your customer service is five stars!

I am looking forward to ordering again soon.  I have my eye on your lampwork bracelets, but which one? So hard to choose since they are all so lovely.  Then, of course, I am enamoured of your sweet, little Old English Sheepdog charms.  Well done!  And they tug at my heartstrings.

Thanks you, Sue, for a beautiful product and your caring, appreciative demeanor.  Sincerely, Andee


    Beautiful, I got the parti cocker spaniel one as I am showing my Bred By girl and she is a Parti .  Thanks so much.  I am sending you a friend who is going to get the Red/White cocker spaniel necklace.  By the way this is my birthday present to me!!!!   Thanks  Debra


Hi Sue,  I just wanted to let you know that my order came before Christmas and it was really cute. :-)  My sister really liked it.  Thank you, Jenny

  Dear Sue:   Thank you so much for your prompt attention to my order.  It is always a pleasure doing business with you and your company!  Best wishes,  Deborah C

Gloria and Freddie


I'm so excited!  The pawprint bracelet came!

 Freddie and Gloria saved their treat money and had their Daddy order it. 

The pictures don't do this one of a kind bracelet with handmade lampwork beads justice. 

I just love the pawprint clasp and the beads are just beautiful!  I just LOVE it!!!  Sue, you are an amazing artist!



I received the pug necklace in the mail today. It is beautiful! Thank you very much! Jane



Hi Sue! I just have to tell you I love your jewelry. I now know where I will be doing my Christmas shopping for family and friends... that is if I can quit buying everything for myself! Thanks! MDV

I received the charm today and I love it.  My friend with the Samoyeds is going to just love it, too, and she'll be really surprised.

I'm glad I discovered your website.  I'm sure I'll be back again.

Sue O.



Thank you so much Sue!  I really love the necklace and earrings.  I haven't worn earrings for awhile and forgot how much fun they are :-)

I'm very pleased with the quality of the work on all items and look forward to growing my collection in the future!

Thanks, Chris



Just a note to let you know again how beautiful this piece of jewelry is. I think it is now my favorite (although I say that each time I receive a piece from you). You really are a fantastic designer. Thank you again. Joann



I am so thrilled to have snagged this! I am looking forward to the necklace and am certain everything will be great as before. The previous piece I bought has received so many compliments and I know I will love this one as well. I am eager to see what you will have in the future. Thanks again, BG


Thank you, Sue. I have to tell you that I appreciate the way this order was processed. It's really nice to get personal feedback. I will be looking a lot more closely at your site as a result, and I hope to place more orders very soon. Many thanks! Deb



I got your package with the earrings yesterday and I very much wanted to take the time to thank you for putting them in the cute boxes. It often seems these days as though the personal touch has gone out of any kind of shopping, but you prove to certain that it has not. Again, thank you SO much. You made my day. CA


The package arrived looking lovely.  Leo III arrived looking very Golden Retrieverish.

Thank you for the prompt service.  Dean



I received the ornament this morning, and I have to say it is so perfect!  It looks just like our dog.

Thanks so much, Heather


Got the bracelet this morning and we absolutely love it!  The bracelet is a Christmas gift for my daughter's Agility instructor, who competes with a red border collie.  She will love it!

Thanks again!  Leslie


Hi Sue, I received my order yesterday.  Each piece is just perfect... I am very happy with them.  Your packaging was wonderful as well, they will make excellent gifts.  I almost didn't want to open them, almost.  I will be back for Christmas shopping.  Thanks again.

Love, Peace and Joy,  Evelyn


Thanks Sue! Love the PIN... It looks just like my dog Mona Lisa... Right down to the red tongue peeking out.  LOL!

I may eventually get the other one too.  That one looks just like my younger dog Luck Rusty!

Wanted those RED Bone earrings... but it looks like someone beat me to them.  Perhaps there will be another pair?

I am a dog groomer on the weekends and I wear dog stuff to amuse the clients.

Thanks, Angela



Sue, Our package arrived today.  I appreciate the extra tissue wrap!

I will be sending it on with the Seattle Sport collapsible dog dish to my new granddog!

I will surely recommend your site for I have been so impressed with the contact information as well as the product.

Thanks you, Marilyn




Received the necklace today -- as usual - - it is beautiful!

Until next time, Cindy



Thank you Sue - The ornament arrived today and it is even better quality than I expected.  Such a nice surprise to get a quality product so nicely wrapped, and excellent customer service!

I will definitely be ordering from you again - Beth




Thanks so much!  I bought the bracelets as gifts for my bosses.  I work at the most amazing hardware store... The owners are dog lovers and work with several rescue groups.  We almost always have dogs up for adoption in the store.  There are five "office dogs" too.

I wanted a special gift to give to them for everything they do and your site and items are perfect!

Thanks again, Jen



I received the hook.  It is very beautiful.  Thank you!!  Micol



Hi Sue,

Received the bracelet and LOVE IT!

Thank you very much!  Gail


Sue! OMG!  I am TOTALLY BLOWN AWAY!  Guess what arrived and they TOTALLY SURPASSED my expectations!  OMG! Your wrapping is just adorable (even your tape)... love the chocolate brown theme and the pawprints! 

OMG! My necklace!  I am dying!  I bought a Sheltie necklace from Bradford Exchange that yours runs rings around!  Also, my cat earrings! They remind me of the Kilban Cats and I am just crazy about these!  I am just estatic... thrilled!  Caren G

  I've always loved your jewelry but I must tell you - your style, imagination and everything else was always wonderful but, somehow, you're in a whole new dimension now. No joke, I see very expensive jewelry in these Beverly Hills stores for thousands that aren't nearly as nice. Somehow, I feel like I'm getting away with something when I buy from you. JH


Hello Sue,  I've received the sheltie necklace today.  What a delightful necklace!  It's a gift for a very nice person who happens to be a sheltie Mom.

Many thanks, Constance




None are as fiercely loyal as dog people.  In return, no doubt, for the never-ending loyalty of dogs.  Linda Shrieves


Buddy and Jake live with Julie in Wisconsin

Mollie and Nellie live with Ci in Nebraska


Lady lives with Dee in Missouri