Afghan Hound Dog Breed Information

The Afghan Hound (also known as Baluchi Hound or Tazi) was discovered by Western travelers in Afghanistan in the 1800s. Later during that century, the Afghan was brought to England. The Afghan Hound's history and heritage before that point are practically unknown, although there are some theories. Some believe the Afghan lived in ancient Egypt, while others place the breed in various regions of Asia. The Aghan Hound has long been used as a herder, hunter and coursing hound. A coursing dog tracks its prey by sight and is followed byhunters on horses. Depending on the region, the Afghan has hunted on its own, in packs, and even in conjunction with falcons.

In 1907, a man named Captain Barff brought his Afghan to England to great interest. This began the breeding of the Afghan Hound in the West. However, after World War I, the Afghan Hound disappeared in the West and did not re-emerge until after 1920. Around this time, Westerners re-discovered the breed?s usefulness as a lure racer and show dog. This coincided with the resurgence of the breed, which gained recognition by the American Kennel Club in 1926. To this day, the Afghan Hound remains a popular choice in dog shows and as a family pet.

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