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Dog Lover Gifts

Dog Lover Gifts and Accessories at For Love of a Dog 
Fetch our dog leash hooks and holders, dog breed Christmas ornaments, and elevated eco-friendly dog feeders here.  Just for fun, in addition to our dog breed jewelry, mutt mixed breed dog jewelry, rescue advocacy jewelry, cat jewelry and horse jewelry, we may offer non jewelry items that we think make great pet lover gifts.   And, yes, our dog lover gifts and accessories are definitely unisex and suitable for men and women of all ages. 
Currently we offer handmade leash holders / decorative hooks, handcrafted dog breed sculpture ornaments, and elevated dog feeders that are eco friendly, repurposed and a canine health aid.
Please note that all prices include free standard shipping.

Dog Feeder
Dog Leash Holder Hooks Dog Breed Ornaments Elevated Dog Feeders